What is Arbitrage Trading?

Trading on the stock exchange is certainly a big risk, but even here you can find a way with minimal losses. One of the lowest-risk ways to earn money on the stock exchange is arbitrage trading.

Arbitrage trading, or in other words, stock trading — is a transaction whose purpose is to profit from the price difference for the same trading asset.

In simple words — it is a method of trading with minimal risks when a trader makes a profit regardless of the direction of price movement.

The main feature of arbitrage trading is time. It is necessary to act very quickly because fractions of seconds play a big role in this process. Therefore, by practicing this strategy, provide yourself with a powerful PC.

The principle of arbitrage trading

Everything is simple here: you bought bitcoin on the X exchange and sold it for more on the Y exchange. That is, the main goal of arbitrage trading is to make a profit on the difference in the exchange rate of an asset on different platforms.

Advantages and disadvantages of arbitrage trading


  • minimal risks;
  • the strategy is suitable for most assets;
  • it is not necessary to conduct a deep analysis of the market;
  • full automation of trading.


  • a small income due to a small risk. To get a good profit, you need a lot of capital;
  • quite a complex strategy compared to conventional trading strategies. We do not recommend that beginners start with this strategy;
  • with manual arbitration, you may not have time to sell the asset.

Arbitrage trading is a great opportunity to earn small amounts with minimal risks.

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