EXPIRED – The Buy What You Want Mac Bundle from Bundlehunt! 10 apps out of 41 for $19.99 only!

Here comes the next bundle from Bundlehunt. The so called Buy what you want Bundle lets you choose 10 out of 41 apps and all you have to pay is $19.99. That is less than $2 for an app. So you can save up to $862. The bundle will probably be available for a couple of weeks.

The Buy what you want Bundle contains the following apps:

Back in Focus ($99.99)
increases the sharpness of your pictures.

Droplr – 1 Year plan ($49.99)
lets you share documents, files and more by generating a unique shortlink.

StarryNight Enthusiast7 ($79.95)
lets you adventure through a virtual universe.

Beamer ($19.99)
streams your video files (and not just apple formats) to your Apple TV.

Sticky Password Premium ($59.99)
is a password manager which also allows to fill out forms quickly.

Screens ($29.99)
lets you control any computer from anywhere.

Hype 3 ($49.99)
lets you create interactive HTML 5 content for any devices.

Lucid ($53)
enhances your homepages by additional effects and content like Google Maps.

Kinemac ($299)
is a 3D real time animation tool.

iStat Menus 5 ($18.00)
graphically displays your Mac’s performance.

Typeit4Me ($19.99)
saves you time when typing through shortcuts.

Chronicle ($14.99)
is a finance tool for bill management.

Candy Apple ($29.99)
is a tool for creative artwork and illustrations.

Unclutter ($5.99)
is your digital pocket for storing notes and files saving your desktop from clutter.

Flip PDF for Mac ($99)
transform PDFs into Dynamic, Page-Flipping Magazines, Catalogs, Brochures and E-Books.

Hands Off ($49.99)
gives you control over your data and privacy.

Yummy FTP ($24.99)
is a powerful FTP client.

Diaposheet ($24)
lets you quickly layout your photographs with metadata.

TripMode ($7.99)
prevents your apps from accessing the internet.

YouTube Converter ($19.95)
easily downloads YouTube videos and converts them directly into numerous formats.

PhotoWatermark ($19.99)
adds watermarks to your pictures.

and many more …

find more app descriptions soon here!

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