EXPIRED – Appy Fridays’ Mac Supreme Bundle with up to 3 apps for just 8,99$

It’s been a week so it’s time now for the latest Appy Fridays bundle. The so called Mac Surpreme Bundle contains up to 3 apps for a price of at just 8,99$, which means savings of around 80%.  It will be available until next friday. The bundle for the Apple Mac includes the apps Paint Surpreme and DuneZap Plus. The first 1,000 buyers will also get the app Car Maintenance for free.

Here is a quick summary of the apps:

Paint Surpreme (19,99$)
is a photo editing software with numerous editing options.

DupeZap Plus (19,99$)
finds redundant files, empty folders and helps to clean your volumes.

Car Maintenance (9,99$) – only for the fist 1,000 buyers
manages all the data which occurs for your car repairs etc.

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