Approximate car comparison domestic production with foreign cars According to the forums of motorists
At present, there are a lot of cars on the roads of both domestic and foreign production. But even about it is impossible to say what cars car enthusiasts give their preference.
Now the demand for domestic cars has grown well. Russian producers are well aware of and are not going to take their positions, improving and upgrading the device of cars is so much so that they can completely compete with foreign cars. And there is no news that in the territory of the Russian Federation is made, so to speak, foreign cars of the Russian assembly.
Each motorist is close to its car. Someone respects the domestic auto industry, and someone is an ardent opponent and prefers foreign cars.
Owners of foreign cars in vain praise their cars. They say, and for a person is made, and hardy domestic, and repair is asked less often. Yes, you can agree with this, but, on the other hand, how to use the car - so it will work.
For comparison, you can talk about two machines, for example, the early 90s. There is a domestic car, he has overheated engines, as they say on the forums - "pushed". All cases, it is to settle the crankshaft, buy inserts. Working, by and large, for a couple of days. This can make the craftsmen of auto mechanics almost every one hundred. Changing, put, put it - and went further. But there is a foreign car, it is logical that she has the same problem with the engine. It is necessary to look for a car service where the crankshaft is crushed, the inserts are an order of magnitude more expensive, respectively, and not to meet in two days. In this case, the advantage of the domestic machine.
Far road in the summer, in the heat is not easy to do on the car. Especially on the old, domestic. There is no air conditioner, open the windows - the wind is noise, it is impossible to talk. The thermostat is late, the fan does not turn on time - everything, the radiator boiled. Forced stop. On a foreign car - air conditioning is turned on, the windows are closed, on the panel all the light bulbs are normal, the temperature does not increase. Comfort and pleasure.
In terms of driving quality, you can also compare. On the domestic production machines, the replacement of the chassis is cheaper and easier, but it runs much less kilometers than the more expensive hodovka in a foreign car.
In comparative analysis, which is based on the views of the forum, a score was published 3: 3. Draw. There are many automotive forums on the Internet, where autopilots defend the honor of their cars, no matter what kind of production. It is important that the car needs to be holly and cherished, whether it is his own, native or produced abroad. Plex Media Server is a program for creating a media server and getting remote access to audio and video files with transcoding support on various devices, whether it is a Smart TV, mobile gadget or PC. Plex-server building is multiplatform, because it supports running on smartphones, tablets and PCs running OS X, Windows, Linux, smart TVs and NAS.
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