First-round T20 women: the strong debut of Dutch Lionesses U19

First-round T20 women: the strong debut of Dutch Lionesses U19

The opening of the women's cricket season was accompanied by a successful debut of Dutch Lionesses U19 in the T20 competition. The youngest team in the competition won convincingly against VRA. In the battle of the champions, Quick was too strong for Groen Geel.

VRA-Dutch Lionesses U19: 51/8 (20) - 141/5 (20)

Dutch Lionesses U19, the team that prepares for the World Cup qualifier against Scotland, had an excellent start to the T20 competition. VRA, which finished fourth in the T20 big league last year, was beaten with clear figures. Phebe Molkenboer and Merel Dekeling put the younsters on the right track with 43 and 22 runs respectively. Video of the match can be viewed at the link Nathalie Hennis took two more wickets for VRA.

The Amsterdam players appeared unable to attack the total of 141 to 5. Soon, three wickets fell, after which VRA finally stuck at 51 for 8. The loss of 90 runs was partly determined by Mahdiya Fatima Kidwai, who captured three wickets and is a member of... VRA.

Red and White-Kampong: 101/5 (17) - 100/8 (19.3)

Jolien van Vliet did everything she could with 62 runs to help Kampong to victory, but it proved not enough. All her partners were out for six runs or fewer. Juliët Post, on loan from Excelsior'20, also came up with two runs. Red and White, for whom Sandra Kottman took two wickets, did not let the total rise too far: 100 for 8. Heather Siegers was good for 38 runs.

Groen Geel-Quick: 75/9 (20) - 126/4 (20)

The T20-champion of the first division against the one of the Premier League. That was the theme in Wassenaar. And Quick clearly showed that there is a difference between both levels. Thanks to Josephin Bernelot Moens (33 runs) and Caroline de Lange (39), who eventually went run out, the Hague-based side reached 126 for 4. Groen Geel could do nothing against that at bat. The first four of the batting order all had to leave the field after one run. Thus, the game was decided quickly, although Tessa Gun came to 29 runs. Hannah Landheer and Olga van der Horst (two wickets each) eventually gave Groen Geel a score of 75 for 9.

Excelsior'20-Ajax/Bloemendaal Combination 123/6 (20) - 106/6 (20)

The new combination team of Ajax and Bloemendaal could not debut with a win. At bat, Oosthuizen came to 32 runs, while Milou Jacobs (17) and Michelle Richelle (12) also contributed. Special was the mother-daughter combination at Excelsior'20 that captured two wickets. On the bowling of daughter Merle, wicketkeeper Mariska Luchies was twice attentive. At Excelsior'20, which only competes in the T20 competition, Lisa Klokgieters was on fire. With her 89 not out, she set the highest score of the entire first round of the T20 competition.

VCC, last season's runner-up in the T20 competition, had a bye.

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