Do I need to fertilize the rolled grass?
Well maintained lawn is an integral part of any garden. He not only looks beautiful, but also allows you to spend time, play with children or relax. However, the lawn device requires a lot of work and is not always successful, unless we decided to buy grass from the roll. Although such a lawn guarantees an excellent effect in a short time, do not forget about its proper care and fertilizer.

Laying herbs from roll
Rolled lawn is the fastest and most reliable way to grow beautiful elastic grass. If you comply with all the recommendations when laying, you can be sure that the grass is attached. However, it is necessary to properly prepare the Earth, to rinse and disintegrate the soil. We must also remember the correct pressing of the turf to the ground during the laying. The fact is that roots can easily penetrate the soil. So it will be not bad to ride. Of course, the grass from the roll should be watered.

It must be remembered that although the laying of the lawn from the roll is relatively simple, the surface is not suitable for use immediately after its preparation. On laid grass, it is not for several weeks. However, it is impossible to forget regularly water. Once the root system has penetrated the soil, it is also worth holding the first mowing. Usually you should wait about 2 weeks before it becomes possible.

Rolled lawn care
You must remember that the grass-laid out of the roll is not an artificial creation, but a living plant. Therefore, it requires the same care as any other lawn. The grass from the roll must be water. It is best to do it early in the morning when the Earth is still cool and water can leak into the soil. The amount of water must be adapted to prevailing conditions. In more warm weather, each meter of lawn needs to watered more.

It is also very important to systematically mow and fertilize lawn.

For good growth, the grass needs soil with the correct parameters. The most important thing is his pH, which should be within 5.5-6.5. If the soil is too acidic, it may be necessary to lime the grass. If the soil is alkaline, you need to use fertilizers to increase its acidity.

The best solution will be the use of special fertilizers intended for the care of grass. They are selected depending on the season - those that are intended for fertilizer in the fall, rich in potassium and phosphorus - macroelements that are well affecting the wintering lawn. The fertilizer of the lawn roller is carried out several times over the season, usually in the spring, when the temperature and the lawn has already risen and is rake and exploded, as well as during the summer and before the beginning of autumn. It is also very important to evenly distribute the fertilizer.

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