Coolant selection criteria
The cooling system in the car provides the desired operating temperature of the engine, and also allows you to maintain it at a constant level. Do not neglect the technical condition of the cooling system. It is necessary to choose the appropriate coolant that is responsible for the transfer of thermal energy between the engine and the radiator. Below we will list the criteria for choosing this element of auto chemistry. What are the characteristics of the coolant?
The coolant is responsible for the transfer of thermal energy between the engine and the radiator. Protects from freezing and cavity phenomena or boiling, and also protects the engine nodes and components of the cooling system from corrosion. The cooling liquid consists of water and ethylene or propylene glycol, which, although more expensive, are much more environmentally friendly. On sale there are ready -made liquids or concentrates that can be mixed with distilled water. Among them, you can find liquids with increased wear resistance, increased cooling ability or universal. What should you pay attention to when buying a coolant?
To choose a coolant in accordance with your car, you should contact the recommendations of fluid manufacturers based, for example, on the type of engine and cooling system. A description of the properties of the fluid, which should be compared with the recommendations of the car manufacturer, is on the back of each package. The most important and decisive liquids in this car are inhibitors with anti -corrosion properties and support the appropriate purity and transparency of the liquid. Their features affect the operation of the water pump and the entire cooling and heating system. The action of new generation corrosion inhibitors (organo-carbon compounds) is based on the catalytic effect. This means that they do not respond with metal at the place of corrosion, but only mediate it. The result of such a reaction is an increase in several times the service life of the coolant compared to liquids in traditional technology. When to change the coolant in the car?
It is worth remembering that the coolant, regardless of its type or model of the car, should be replaced after 5 years of operation, and it is best to do this after 3 years to be confident in the performance of the cooling system. Игроки могут войти прямо с нашего сайта, ссылка ведет на официальный ресурс и активное рабочее mostbet Выигрыш же можно оформить только при полностью заполненном профиле.
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