ABGELAUFEN – Das Bundlehunt Create Your 12 App Mega Mac Bundle für 18,25€

Photo Bundlehunt Create Your 12 App Mega Mac Bundle

WooHoo! Here comes the next huge bundle from BundleHunt! The so called Create Your 12 App Mega Mac Bundle lets you choose 7 apps out of 49 for $19.99 only. This means savings of up to $1.071. The bundle contains highlights such as Roxio Toast Express, Tri-BACKUP 8, Lucid, Scrutiny, Paperless, Tonality CK, Intensify CK, Kinemac and many more. According to how many apps you need, you can consider buying 2 bundles. The bundle will probably be available for 4 weeks.

The Create Your 12 App Mega Mac Bundle contains the following apps:

Roxio Toast Express ($49)
Toast 15 Express for Mac surely is the highlight of this bundle. Normally available for $49.99, this software is highly awarded and a leading one, when it comes to the burning of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray. So this bundle is a real bargain.

Lucid ($53)
enhances your homepages by additional effects and content like Google Maps.

Tri-BACKUP 8 ($69.99)
is a backup software.

Scrutiny (55$)
is a tool for screening and measuring websites.

Data Recovery for Mac ($49.99)
restores accidentally deleted data.

Paperless (50$)
lets you digitally store your documents in an IRS accepted way. It helps you to spot you documents easily.

Intensify CK ($59.99)
is a tool which intensifies photo elements or the whole pictures. It also comes in the pro version.

Tonality CK ($69.99)
is a powerful black and white photo editor.

and many more …

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